Garage Sale Gleanings

Treasures from Yard Sales

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Summer is the season for yard and garage sales - two terms that are synonymous.  Going out early on a Saturday or Sunday, driving around and following signs tacked on telephone poles is an activity that many enjoy.  You meet new people, and see lots of junk, and sometimes even buy it.


Garage sale gleanings refer to the items that have been acquired or collected from garage sales.

It can also refer to the knowledge and insights gained from participating in or organizing garage sales. Are you looking for information or advice on how to get the best deals at garage sales, what items are worth picking up, or how to make the most of your own garage sale?

Generally, the larger stuff like furniture or heavy items are displayed under cover in a car port or tent.  The smaller things, like knick knacks, gew gaws and trinkets are on a table, tools and larger items placed underneath.

Often, they aren't labeled as to a price; it's up to you to offer what you think it's worth - sometimes over valuing it!  Most people who put on a garage sale just want to get rid of their clutter, so they'll entertain any offer as long as it's fair.

Some items I've picked up over the years of going to garage sales are the left overs at the end of the day that no-one else wanted.

Quite often, these go for a pittance (or free) just so they don't have to haul them all back inside. 

Make sure you have a large vehicle, and a place to store them.  Not all of these leftovers are worth anything, so be prepared to cull anything that doesn't appeal to you.  

A lot of garage sale signs say 'no early birds' which means, 'don't show up at the crack of dawn before I have my coffee hoping to get a jump on anyone else and take the good stuff first'.

Some of my favorite things are those showing a bit of age.  If they're weathered, chipped, scratched or dented, or have paint wearing off, they go in the 'sold' pile. 

Click on any picture to see my Garage Sale Gleanings;

Handmade Wooden Wagon
Vintage Terracotta Clay Pots
Vintage Bottle with horse
Wooden Spools
Heart Shaped Tin
Vintage Wooden Paddles
Glass Light Fixture
Galvanized Bath Tub
Enamel Pot with bullet holes
Chrome Basket
Chafing Dishes
Wooden Bread Lifter
Hand Made Wooden WagonHand Made Wooden Wagon perfect for a collection of vintage toys
Vintage Terracotta PotsVintage Terracotta Pots - display as they are, or plant them with herbs or other plants
Vintage Glass BottleVintage Glass Bottle embossed with a horse
Wooden SpoolsWooden Spools complete with Mason Bees
Heart Shaped TinHeart Shaped Tin aged and weathered
Vintage Wooden PaddlesVintage Wooden Paddles for laundry
Glass Light FixtureGlass Light Fixture recycled into a rain chain
Galvanized Bath TubGalvanized Bath Tub ideal for mixing soil in the greenhouse
Enamel Pot with Bullet HolesEnamel Pot with Bullet Holes - practice makes perfect!
Chrome BasketChrome Basket planted with hardy succulents
Chafing DishesChafing Dishes - a matched pair of succulent planters

It helps to have a list of things to look for - but don't get too rigid or you'll miss that special treasure.  Keep an open mind, and keep your eyes open too.

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