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Is your garden in need of embellishment, whimsy and rusticity? It sounds like you need some garden crafts. Everyone's interested in garden junk these days, which suits me just fine.

Recycling and refurbishing old rustic stuff, combining it in innovative ways is the latest garden trend. 

Create a unique and interesting focal point to display succulents or other plants, or just as humorous and eyecatching garden art

Your landscaping will never be the same.


How about hypertufa, that strangely addictive mixture of cement powder, peat moss and perlite? It's old, but new again, with a new twist.  There are many new products to make it easier, plus a ton of tutorials for new projects.

Many hypertufa projects will add intrigue, fun and a practical way to display many hardy succulent plants like Sempervivum and Sedum.

Once you start making some of these interesting garden crafts, you’ll quickly realize the scope of this incredible material.

Twigs and barnboard combined into a rustic garden chair, rustic bench or even in nesting boxes for birds will make your garden the envy of the neighborhood.

Or why not build a potting bench? Don't forget to download your free potting bench plans.

Garden junk is a great way to use natural materials or just some old stuff that other people will throw away. 

Upcycling found items and trash into treasure for my garden is a skill that I nurture; this is the ultimate in recycling - flea market garden style, watch out, here I come!

Nature provides some really interesting materials to work with...

Rustic salvage adds a whole new dimension to garden crafts; old metal pieces combined with driftwood or vintage windows is a way to repurpose and recycle some eclectic pieces to add character and charm.

...and knows how to age them to perfection.

Rustic garden signs are a lot of fun – both to make, and seeing your garden visitor’s amusement when they read them.

There are a lot of garden sign sayings to choose from, so make a barnboard sign to display in your garden.

Learn some rustic paint techniques to give your craft that special touch.

Take salvaged items such as plastic plant pots or garden furniture and paint it to give it your own special flavor.

You can see more here: Camouflage Plant Pots and don't miss my Camouflage Chaise.

For a larger garden craft, rustic garden fence designs can be simple or complex, depending on your requirements.

A twig palisade fence can be a unique feature of your garden; find out here how to build a twig fence.

Twig tuteurs, obelisks and trellises use natural materials in unique ways.

Think outside the box, and decorate your rustic garden with driftwood planters, a log cabin basket, tin can lanterns and many more garden crafts.

Using recycled, up-cycled, refurbished and salvaged items is a new buzz – collect your thrift store finds and make some special garden crafts.

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