Driftwood Crafts

Beachcombed Treasures

Driftwood crafts made from roots and boards from shipwrecks tossed about in the ocean or in fresh water lakes and rivers are unique and full of character.

Driftwood Horse

The weathering that takes place as tides wash up the flotsam and jetsam onto the sand and beach stones, then back out again gives driftwood a patina that is hard to emulate.

Sandblasting can give a similar look, but the silvery colour of a truly genuine piece of driftwood can’t be copied.

I like to find gnarled and twisted roots that will make a driftwood root planter, or wiggly twigs to make into impressive twig handles for a root basket or trug.

Using some of the driftwood found on far away trips and holidays for crafts gives your memories a true home.

Keep your eyes open for this kind of driftwood...

Beach combing for driftwood is a soul deep experience that will stick with you. I love the smell of the ocean, the texture of the sand and pebbles, and finding some treasures to take home only makes that time even more precious and memorable.

Some areas to visit that have very good potential for driftwood gathering are in the Gulf Islands of Georgia Strait.

Driftwood crafted into the shape of a heartDriftwood crafted into the shape of a heart

This driftwood is given a real going over with so many of the rocky coastlines and wooded areas contributing their roots and trees to the maelstrom.

The incessant pounding of tides and storms gives this type of driftwood the required patina and weathering, making it silky smooth and silver grey.

If you collect weathered roots and things from salt water, rinse them off in fresh water to remove the excess salt before using them.

Crafts to make using your precious stock of driftwood:

  • Driftwood Mirror Frame – an old antiqued mirror framed with silvery grey driftwood – accent this with some shells or small stones.

  • Driftwood picture frames for those who like their decor nautical.

  • Driftwood Dining Table – with sturdy legs of branches or weathered timbers topped with planks tumbled in the ocean, this will be the perfect back drop to a home cooked meal on your collection of handmade pottery.

  • Driftwood Tables – side tables, night tables – wherever you need a small table for a lamp, books or other items.

  • Driftwood Bench – gardens have never looked better than from a seat on a weathered plank bench.

  • Driftwood Planters – planted with Drought Smart Plants, intricately twisted roots or smooth platters.

  • Driftwood Pergola – the silvery grey patina of weathered driftwood makes a driftwood pergola especially lovely when covered with vines and flowering climbers.

  • Natural Driftwood Sculptures - the perfect use for showcasing natures artistry and sculpting ability.

  • Rustic Wooden Boxes – storage at it’s finest in a box weathered by only the best storms. Or create a Driftwood Window Box to plant with super saturated colored annuals.

Other ways to use your collected driftwood is gluing it onto bird houses to create a pattern, like this one below;

Driftwood embellished bird houseDriftwood embellished bird house

The smooth polished surface of driftwood emulates the look of muscles.  Horses make a perfect model to show this in action; Heather Jansch made this one;

Driftwood Horse by Heather JanschDriftwood Horse by Heather Jansch

Finding the perfect spot for those oddly shaped pieces is like putting together a puzzle; note the ear, and the pieces of driftwood shaping the eye of the horse, and the nostril.

Driftwood Horse - detail of headDriftwood Horse - detail of head

Stack the pieces to make some ephemeral garden art.  It doesn't have to live forever, just give you joy in the short term.

Driftwood InukshukDriftwood Inukshuk

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