Log Cabin Basket

Interesting materials for a funky twiggy project

If you’ve ever looked at a log cabin and how it’s constructed, you’ll have a good idea of how to make this twig and root basket.


Although log cabins are more closely fitted together at the corners, the principle is the same.

Each row of logs (twigs or roots in the case of the basket) is laid on top of the previous row, interlocking with it.

This basket purposely has open gaps which once the basket is filled with moss and planted, will allow the plants to drape over the edges and root into the gaps. Eventually, the whole basket will be covered in plants.

Here’s how to make a rustic Log Cabin Basket with twigs or roots:

Collect together your twigs or roots, each cut to the length of the basket plus a few centimeters to allow for overlap. So, if the finished basket is to be 30cm (12"), cut each piece of twig to around 36cm (15").

If you use extremely thick twigs, allow more, as the inside dimension will be much smaller than you anticipate.

This is especially important if you’re going to use the basket as a cache pot, with another container inside it. Don’t worry too much about making it bigger, you can always cut off the excess once it’s done.

Start with four twigs and set them up like a box, with two end pieces sitting on top of two side pieces (even if they’re the same length).

Wire them together with two long strands of wire, looped in half. Each corner will use one piece of wire to connect all the pieces of twig together. 

See more about wire techniques for crafts here.

Twist the wire several times and start adding the next row. After each additional twig, twist the wire. Once you get to the top or run out of twigs, tightly twist the wire and make a pigtail, or add a twig handle.

For the base, you can add several extra twigs which will be wired individually. Optionally, line the whole thing with chicken wire to hold the plants in place.

Voila! Your log cabin twig basket is complete; planting it with your favorite ferns, succulents or other plants will add the finishing touch.

If you don’t wish to plant anything in the basket, use it for storage or simply as a decoration.

I've seen examples of this technique made by itinerant and nomadic people - they would make this type of basket - they typically used twenty sticks, and then planted them with moss, primroses from the hedgerows and flowering bulbs, and went door to door to sell them.

They are called 'kipsy baskets'.

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