Looking for buyers for my wildcrafted herbs, fruits, tinctures, infused oils ..

by Michelle
(Surrey and Kelowna, B.C.)



I'm in the Lower Mainland (Surrey, BC) and am looking for buyers of my wild crafted Herbs, fruits etc. I also make Tinctures and Infused Oils. I have St John's Wort Oil etc.

I have been foraging in the Local Area of the Lower Mainland and Kelowna for the last 4 years.

I have access to Wild Crafting the products below. Some in stock. I'm also interested in what Buyers are needing. I may have access to the plant and not have it listed.

St John's Wort - Wild Crafted locally (infused in Organic Olive Oil) in stock.
Red Hawthorne Berries - local and in season now!
Black Hawthorne Berries - when in season
Blue Elderberries - in stock (dry) and access when in season
Elderberry Flowers - when in season
Mullein Leaf - in stock and access to when in season
Nettles - when in season
Nettle Seeds - in stock, and when in season
Oregon Grape Berries - when in season
Queen Anne's Lace - tincture from all 3 stages
Yarrow - in stock and when in season
Golden Rod - when in season
Comfrey - leaf and flower when in season
Rosehips - when in season ..soon!!
Wild Rose Petals - when in season, dry some in stock
Ivy Leaf
Brown Knapweed Root - when in season
Cleavers - when in season
Purple Loosestrife
New England Aster
Common Tansy

Blackberries - fresh when in season (frozen stock available )
Trailing Blackberries - fresh when in season (frozen stock available)
Salmon Berries - fresh when in season (frozen stock available )
Beach Peas - flowers when in season

I can make tinctures out of any of the Herbs upon request or when in stock/season.
I also make infused Oils. I use only Real Organic Olive Oil.

Contact me at mliesch8193 (at)shaw.ca
Thank you!

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Jan 23, 2019
Oregon grape tincture??
by: Dustin

I was curious if you make tincture with Oregon grape And if you are organic certified? I was wondering if maybe you'd be interested In some organic Oregon grape root to process into tincture ? Maybe we can become partners?

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