Miniature Firewood Scuttle

DIY Tutorial for your own tiny porch or dolls house decor

Tiny projects are a lot of fun to make.  DIY your own little porch to decorate in a country style. This project is a tiny firewood scuttle - what self respecting porch would be without one?

Dollhouse Miniature Projects - Firewood Scuttle

There is something fascinating about miniature handicrafts - they're intriguing to make, and even more fun to style your scene or dolls house. 

This little firewood scuttle holds tiny logs, ready for the fireplace inside, but it sits on the lilliputian porch.

The first step is to take two pieces of tie wire, and bend them into the shape of the scuttle. 

The loops on the bottom are the feet, and the top part is the handle. 

The whole thing ends up being about two inches tall, a good scale for the porch project.

Tie wire with the feet ready to assemble

A bit of wire and cardboard, some scraps of styrofoam and a bit of acrylic craft paint, and there you have it.

Paper towel rolls are curved just right

Tiny boxes of apples, harvested, the firewood scuttle waiting to be taken indoors, a miniature corn broom, stool and many other things that would normally decorate a country porch - you'll find them here.

The materials for making into this dollhouse miniature are simple

Keeping an open mind and seeing what you normally would trash to make them into miniature dollhouse furniture - that's the secret.

Weighed together while the glue dries

Tiny accessories like a miniature wreath brighten up the door and welcome the visitor in.

All done, ready to join the other projects for life in miniature

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