Mortar and Pestle

by Jacki
(Grand Forks, B.C. Canada)

Mortar and Pestle

Mortar and Pestle

This obviously handmade mortar and pestle was given to a friend of mine when he lived in northern California by a member of the native American Indian tribe there.

It was used for several generations by the family to crush acorns from the native oak trees and make a type of flour.

It must have been difficult to make this without any kind of machinery to grind the rock into this shape.

I can just picture the family busily collecting the acorns, imagine the smell of the oak trees in the fall, and then spending the time crushing them to make food for the youngsters.

I value this type of artifact, as it was really something useful, and probably quite precious to them, so for them to give it to my friend in recognition of his support and friendship to them means a lot.

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Apr 05, 2014
by: DLPresley

I couldn't agree with your feelings more! Its an awesome gift, and the years and generations it was handed down through, from family member to family member, and then to you friend is a very special honor IMO, and a gift to be treasured!

Aug 09, 2014
Mortar and Pestle
by: Emmiejohn

Hi, It is a mortar and pestle. I have my great and a few more great Grandmothers. It was made by finding a large rock with a small depression in it ,acorns where then ground with as smooth a rock that could be found. As the depression started to ware down deeper and deeper a new rock would take the place of the pestle until it was rounder at the top and narrower at the bottom which made for " easier palming" the hand placed over the round top palm flat and moved (in my grandmother hand) clockwise grinding acorns , parched corn, dried berries ect. The rocks did not change overnight but over many years. They are a prized family heirloom. We listened to many stories about this treasure. I am now almost seventy

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