Old Window Greenhouse

My Dream Rustic Garden Project

I've collected old windows for years, and now finally, I can build my dream Old Window Greenhouse with them. Along with a few doors that might fit too.


If this is a garden project on your list, here's how it went. First, Mike collected (as he does) a lot of lumber from various sources. He keeps it neatly stacked and under tarps for protection from the weather, periodically restacking it and sorting the pieces into different categories, depending on which project comes next.

Finally, it's the turn of the greenhouse on the long list of projected items. The honey do list is getting longer all the time, but he's working through it, one by one.

The wood for the greenhouse is larger timbers like 4x4 posts for the corners, and some 2x8 pieces that are laminated together (usually glued, and screwed together to form one larger beam). This will hold the weight of the rafters, formed from 2x6 lumber, with a birds mouth cut to hold it in place, and the other end will be attached to the rafters of the garage.

This will be a lean-to, not free standing, which is more economical as it utilizes and already existing wall.

The inventory of the windows comes next, as the walls will be custom framed to fit them, as well as the measurements of the finished greenhouse. We decided to make it 10' wide and 12 feet long.

This should be big enough for me to putter and make rosemary topiaries, take cuttings, and do some crafting like working with Sculpy clay.

old-windows-for-greenhouse1-600x450.jpgOld windows ready for a re-fit - some of these will make great doors on a little hutch
old-windows-for-greenhouse2-600x450.jpgYou can see where I envision these windows on the greenhouse in the diagram below
old-windows-for-greenhouse3-600x450.jpgOne little six pane window will be sweet with the curved top window below, if it fits
old-windows-for-greenhouse600x800.jpgFive pane transom window - one pane is cracked, but adds character
old-windows-for-greenhouse-curved-top-600x600.jpgLast but not least, the curved top window will make a wonderful statement at the end of the greenhouse

The windows that appeal to me the most are one that is five smaller panes in a long seven or eight foot window, about 14" deep. 

This, along with two that are three panes and the same kind of dimensions, seem perfect for a transom window over two french doors with the three paned windows upright beside them.  Then, there are several with six panes, I can see these on the south end of the greenhouse, with sliding windows.  The one special window has an arched top, which maybe could go on top of those.

It will take a bit of rearranging to get them to fit, and make sense in the way they go together.

old-window-greenhouse-diagram1.jpgThe west exposure of the greenhouse, with potential French doors opening onto a sun drenched patio.

I reserve the right to change my thoughts on which windows will go where.  They will speak to me and let me know if they like it there, or not.

old-window-greenhouse-diagram2.jpgDiagram of where the windows might work. This shows the south exposure of the greenhouse.

Another decision to be made is whether to paint them, and if so, with what, and what color will they be. Stay tuned for much more on this project as it unfolds.

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