Prim Candle Holder

Rusticizing Thrift Store Finds

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During the run up to Christmas I stopped in at the thrift store on a routine shopping trip, and picked up a cheapie fake brass candle holder.


Initially, I thought I would leave it as is, but then decided to take it to the next level while waiting for the next storm and power outage.

A prim candle holder is a perfect little project to take on that won't need a lot of room to work on, in fact, I can do most of it on the kitchen island.

prim-candle-1.jpgThe result after burning in the bonfire

I'll collect what I need while the outside portion of our program takes place.

Giving it a bit of a heat treatment in the bonfire changed the faux brass to a much more rustic appearing dull grey color, with a few little blueish areas. 

This is typical of this kind of metal, and some of the things I've done the treatment on are the brass rings for canning jars, Christmas jingle bells in silver and gold, and the tops of canning jars as well.

The brass rings were used for jars of pot pourri, the jingle bells on a wreath, and the tops of the jars were used in the rustic fish scale shingles project.

prim-candle2.jpgCopper wire handle, installed

Then the fun begins with this little candle holder.  To make it even more primitive in appearance, I decided it needed a handle, so the copper wire came into play that has been carefully hoarded all the way across the country.

prim-candle4.jpgPrimitive Candle Holder, showing two of the tools used in the making of the handle

There are a few techniques that I like to go back to, every time I have the opportunity.  One is the twisting of the wire, and another one is the use of pliers to make a pigtail.

In this case, using two of the techniques in my arsenal was a great way to start off the new year.  January 1st, 2024 is the date for this project.  Dipping in the toes in my new home means locating all my special tools, or finding replacements.

prim-candle9.jpgPrim Candle Holder, in use with the candle lit in front of a stained glass window.

The plan eventually for this little prim candle holder is to have bayberry candles burning in it, but for now, a white emergency candle will have to do.

Bayberry candles are traditionally burned on New Years Eve, and are believed to bring prosperity to the home if burned right to the end. Don't blow it out!

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