Rustic Cake Tin Mirror

The serendipity of finding the perfect supplies


Shopping in the dollar store is always an exciting trip; you just never know when exactly the right supplies will jump into your shopping cart.

I was shopping for something completely different; glue sticks and some square cake tins for another project.

The round cake tins were nice, but not what I was looking for - until I saw the round mirror tile. 

Then it all started to come together in my head.Burning the finish off the cake tins took only a few minutes on the bonfire. 

Cogitating while that was happening, letting my mind wander where it will, and my eyes rested on some other bits that I have been keeping handy, for just this kind of time.

Serendipity - the happy accident

The bits of wire from previous crafts made with twigs and wood are thrown into a rusty wheelbarrow - sometimes, they may stay there for a long time, until inspiration strikes.

Wiggly bits of rusty wire

Suddenly, I see it all in my minds eye.  The possibilities went from pine cones, to driftwood, to wire and the wire stuck.

I love how the imagination works, if you let it.

Simple things can make an incredibly funky bit of home decor...

Home decor doesn't have to be complicated.  Some of the simplest things make the most impact.

The mirror tile is hot glued onto the tin, then the wire is attached by more wire threaded through holes drilled into the tin. 

This can be hung on the wall with that simplest of hangers, a rusty nail.

Reflecting on the way it all comes together

There's always something to reflect on...I'm especially enthralled with how my green beautiful garden is perfectly mirrored. 

Caution; don't use large mirrors in your garden; the birds can't tell the difference and will fly right into them. This size is perfect to give you the benefits of a mirror, without the drawbacks.

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