Rustic Chalk Board

Upcycled Blackboard Project

Last year, someone gave me a bunch of used kitchen cabinet doors from a recycling project.  They languished in the snow and rain all winter, and started coming apart at the seams.

Rustic Chalk Board

I suddenly had a brainstorm, which is usually how my projects start.  A tiny can of chalkboard paint was the other catalyst.

There were two styles of doors in this collection; one type had a thin piece of board with the frame of the door around it, the other one the middle part of the door was thicker, but it had a scalloped out part all around. 

So, I chose two of the former type, that were the same size.

They have European hinges on, which usually means they have a large depression drilled into the back of the door, which fortunately, won't show.

Kitchen cabinet doors...

The finish on them is kind of peeling and weathered, so I brushed off the loose parts with a wire brush.

European hinges to take off...

I took off the remaining parts of the European hinges that were still on the doors.

Then the outer frame of the doors got a rustic paint job in white craft acrylic, after a quick sanding to remove any more loose varnish or dust.

A quick coat of craft acrylic in white...

What would one of my projects be without a twig?  I found one to use as the handle/hinge of the sandwich board so it would stand up. 

I wired it on with tie wire, which is one of my favorite ways to attach things together.

See more about wiring techniques for crafts here.

Twigs are always a potential for a handle...

Now this rustic chalk board can stand on its own two feet; displayed at the end of the driveway to welcome visitors, or in the kitchen to announce a menu, this is the perfect accent for your rustic home decor.

Everyone needs a rustic chalk board...

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