Rustic Dragonflies

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Over the years (yes, years!) I've collected up a whole lot of weird junk.  Odds and ends, wooden spindles, chair legs and galvanized bits, including some fence wire and chicken wire.

Rustic Dragonflies

Now it's time to fulfill my promise (Don't throw that away, I'll use it for something!) and build a project or two. 

How about some dragonflies? 

They are one of my favorite garden insects; there's something so cool about the way they fly around in circles, patrolling the lawn, grabbing their lunch (a bug) on the wing. 

So here's my project; some rustic ones to hang on the wall.

Wooden Spools

The first one I thought of making was with a spindle for the stairs, gleaned from the recycle center and stored in the greenhouse (it's dry in there, after all). 

Finally utilizing some of my treasures into garden art is a thrill.

An ad on the Buy and Sell got me these stair spindles

The second inspiration was a couple of old chair legs that were destined to go in the bonfire, until I saved them from that fate.  They would make excellent dragonfly bodies.

Rustic Dragonfly made from a chair leg

With lots of different kinds of fence wire hanging around, I knew there would be something to use for the wings and legs. 

A couple of round turned wooden pieces are perfect for the heads, and now it just has to all come together.

Spool craft Dragonfly

What do you think?  Did it turn out well, or what?

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