Rustic Salvaged Trellis

Transform trash into a garden treasure...

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People know by now that I will accept any metal bits which I'll make into something for my garden. 

It just happens that I need a screen for when I get my new Japanese style cedar hot tub (it's on the wish list) and my brother and his wife discovered this piece of junky old trelliage in the garden of their new home.


These were popular a while ago (like in the 1990's), and generally performed the function of a screen for privacy more than anything else.  It's got legs that end in a bar to attach to the edge of a deck so the neighbors can't see what you've got on the grill.

Generally what happens with these cheap and low quality garden accents is the wind comes up and knocks them over, and because they're not strongly built, the metal twists and is never the same again.

The canvas or fabric screening usually fades and tatters over time and exposure to the sun and weather.

So, that's how these things come to me; in bent pieces, with no clue how they go back together, and I figure it out and come up with a Rustic Salvaged Trellis...

Throw it in the bonfire...
and burn the paint off...
Add Twigs...

This project is just starting to get interesting now...

Finally, the trellis is finished...

And finally, it's finished; over the winter, it got put on the back burner, but now it's a focal point in the Carsen Andrew Memorial Garden.

It stands in a corner, and the wind chimes hang from it, as well as forming a backdrop for the big planter.

Later (much later); the Breezeway Studio was built in exactly that spot, so the trellis has become the backdrop for the art production area. 

When the wind blows (as it does there, hence the name) the chimes ring and inspiration happens.

And later still, this project, after many years in my own garden, moved on to another garden.  I'm sure that the new owner will love it and cherish it, in the same way I did.

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