Seed Crafts

Acorns, Nuts, Seed Pods and Capsules for Craft Making

Seeds are some of nature’s most amazing miracles. They protect the potential life of plants and trees in a hard coating sometimes with fascinating shapes; using them for seed crafts highlights their beauty and texture in a rustic decoration.


Many seed pods can be used for crafts such as flower pictures made from acorns, cereal or grass seed, or pine cones.

The woody protective shells of seed pods can be carved, cut, ground down and trimmed to form a myriad of textures and colours.

Many different kinds of nuts and acorns are excellent craft making supplies.

Seed crafts can be as simple as using wheat or other grains to make a design on a wooden or cardboard box, gluing them on with Elmers glue (does this remind you of a craft from Kindergarten?) or as complex as intricate flower pictures from carved pine cones, acorns from oak trees or the pods of wild lilies.

Seed Craft Supplies

Beans carefully drilled and strung on fishing line can make a beautiful and unique curtain, apple seeds a necklace.

There is almost no limit to the variety of colour and texture of seeds that can be used for your craft projects.

Pomegranate Seeds made into beads - how spectacular...

When I spotted these red toned beads in the thrift store, I just had to have them.  On closer inspection, they're actually pomegranate seeds.  Who would have thought?

seed-crafts-and-lace600.jpgNecklace made of apple seeds strung together like beads

Materials that would otherwise just be wasted can make the most amazing and lovely creations, like this apple seed necklace.

Wildcrafting expeditions will provide you with opportunities to find many different seeds for crafts. I collect many seeds to grow, sometimes leaving the empty pods to use for crafts.

Your imagination is the limit, and once your inner eye sees the beauty and diversity in seeds and seed pods you’ll find many more ways to use these everyday materials.

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