Solid Brass Whatzit?

by DL Presley
(Central Sierra Nevada Mountains, Calif.)

Brass Whatzit?

Brass Whatzit?

I have had this for close to 20 years or so now, but I have never known what it is or what its purpose was. Its made of solid brass, appears to have no breakage or damage to it, and I have never seen another one like it? I bought it simply because it was eye candy for me.

I use it for a variety of purposes though, from a stand to display another interesting what-not to a paper or napkin weight etc. It would be nice to finally know what it is though, even though I am content using it in the different ways I have come up with to use it and enjoy looking at it.

It's gorgeous! And I have no idea what it could have been made for. Being so decorative, it obviously was meant to be seen and admired.

I would say based on the design of it with the bird claw looking pincers, it's probably from around the late 1800's or based on a design from that era. Sorry I can't give you much more than that - this is out of my field of experience. I would just enjoy looking at it too!

Good luck finding out it's intended use,

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Apr 06, 2014
dusty old thing.
by: Rusty Avery

try sending a picture to "Dusty Old Thing" web site on FB. maybe they can help.

Apr 07, 2014
by: DLPresley

Thank you Jacki~ :)

The search for the identity of my
solid brass whatzit is over! I posted the picture to my FB page and within a day a friend of mine sent me a link which had the information I was looking for.

Its a "Tibetan dorje" which is an item that is used in Tibetan religious rituals by Buddhist monks.

Apr 27, 2014
Hi Rusty
by: DLPresleey

Thank you Rusty. I thought about doing that but my answer was posted by another friend of mine on FB within a day. :) It was great to finally find out what it is.

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