Stone Fig

Found at a yard sale, terracotta

That's a really cool little thing - I've never heard of the name of Stone Fig before, and you haven't really explained if this is your name for it or the technical name of this type of artifact. If it's your name for it, can I ask why you call it that? It looks more like some kind of stylized lion, not a fig at all.

Here's my idea of what this is: based on the style of the head dress of the creature, this resembles some of the Mayan or Inca pottery and carvings, so I'm going to make a wild guess and say that this could possibly be a tourist type memento from maybe the Yucatan peninsula.

I would use this as a garden accent with some jungle type plants trailing over it - this would suit a Mexican style garden with some stucco walls and really big and bulky studded wooden doors.

Enjoy your 'Fig'!

Comments for Stone Fig

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Jul 01, 2013
Fig = figurine?
by: Anonymous

Maybe she meant figurine?

I kind of got that eventually! Yes, I'm sure that is what was meant, it was just me being dense!

Jul 20, 2013
Cool beans !
by: Lynn

I love it and as a "found" whatchamacallit" I think its AWESOME ! WTG !

Dec 30, 2013
by: June

I love it, I can see it peeking through some ferns or something in a garden setting.

Dec 30, 2013
Just wondering...
by: Simone

where you got this? It's very neat.

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