Twig Firewood Tote

Easy Rustic Project to Carry Winter Firewood

If you live the rustic lifestyle, you most likely heat your dwelling with wood.

Twig Firewood Tote

Transporting split firewood logs and kindling from the woodshed to the house is a messy business, usually involving getting the skin on the inside of your elbow pinched, or splinters in your hands.

Make a simple rustic twig firewood tote to carry a good armload of wood easily.

How to make a Twig Firewood Tote:

Collect about 10 to 15 lengths of thumb sized willow twigs, each cut to 35cm (14") long.

Two shorter twigs will be the handles, and can be somewhat more rugged and twisty. They should be around 20 cm (8") long.

Tie wire – two pieces around 4 meters (13') long, folded in half.

Insert one of the handle pieces into the fold of the wire. Start twisting the wire so that it forms a tight spiral to hold the handle in place firmly.

Use pliers to get a good tight twist. If you’re using green willow, keep in mind that it will shrink as it dries, and loosen.

Twig Firewood Tote

Twist for around 5-10cm (2-4"), and then place the first of the 40cm (18") pieces into the gap between the two ends of wire.

Twist again several times and add the next piece – continue until all the 35 cm (14") pieces are in place, then go back to the first handle and do the same with the other piece of wire.

Shading the birds nest from the hot sun

When you reach the second end with all the 35cm pieces in place, insert the second handle, wrap the wire firmly and use the pigtail method of finishing the wire.

Fill with firewood and take it to the house. You can make several of these, and make it a rule that no-one passes the woodshed empty handed.

In the summer, use as sunshades over a fully exposed window to keep the heat out, or to protect a birds nest from too much sun.

Update 2021; Mike had a fall from a ladder late last summer and suffered a devastating injury to his shoulder. 

He's now using the firewood tote to bring in the firewood during the polar vortex with temperatures of -20 Celsius.

Sure saves wear and tear on the shoulder and arm!

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