Twig Hair Sticks

Get Your Rustic On

If you have long hair and love rustic, make some Twig Hair Sticks to hold it off your face while you craft. Make some as gifts for those on your list with the hair to carry it off.


Twigs are all over the place - where better than in your hair too? You've seen long hair gathered up on top of the head and skewered with pencils or chopsticks - same idea, but much classier. 

Choose your twigs based on how close you want them to your hair, the cleaner the better. 

Remove the bark, sand them to smooth of any rough edges, and use some kind of sealer like coconut oil that won't affect your hair, pin it up and get it off your face in a bun.

Hair sticks have been used for centuries, some plain like chop sticks, some lavishly decorated with crystals, some made from antler, bone or exotic woods.

It's also common to see household items used for hair sticks - pencils, crochet hooks or knitting needles.

These twig hair sticks take a another common item (twigs) and make it into something quite magical for the long hair tribe.

Cut a length of twig about six to eight inches

The twigs I like for this project are Amelanchier, the Saskatoon berry. 

The wood is dense and hard, drying to a solid finish, wearing with use to a soft satiny patina. 

Other twigs that would work for this is maple, another dense wood and other hard woods like those from fruit trees

I would stay away from pine, fir and larch due to the resins that are contained in the wood, which could transfer to your hair.

Tina Knife to scrape off the bark

Cut the twig into lengths of around six to eight inches.  Remove the bark - I use my trusty Tina cutting knife which won't dig into the wood beneath. 

Let the twig dry, then sand it. 

Grate or rasp one end into a point too, and sand with a 120 grit sand paper.  Make it super smooth, as this is the working end, which will be pushed against the scalp when poking it into place.

There are lots of choices of sandpaper on Amazon.

Wipe with a small amount of coconut oil, making sure that you wipe off any residue (because guess where it will go - onto your hair).

Using your Twig Hair Stick;

  • Grasp your hair into a pony tail with your fist.
  • Twirl it along the whole length.
  • Wind it around itself.
  • Skewer with the stick.

Still confused?  Look at this video;

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