Wash Stand Drawer Pulls

DIY Twig Hardware

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There's nothing quite like that finishing touch - the drawer pulls and hardware - to finally complete the project.


Sometimes it's so hard to make a decision about this all important piece of the puzzle - and then if you do decide, where to find the hardware of your dreams. 

Often, the thing you think you want is out of stock, out of style, or just simply not to be found anywhere - or, too expensive. 

That's when the grey matter kicks in with a solution. 

Use twigs!

Spool Beads, paintedSpool Beads, painted with green acrylic craft paint

Earlier in the year, I had some female willow branches cut down - these are nice, but when they bloom (who knew) they produce some irritating fluff that floats on the slightest breeze. 

So they get cut down about once every two or three years, usually in the summer.  These have had enough time to turn a lovely coffee brown, and they're dried nicely too.

Bead and Twig Drawer PullBead and Twig Drawer Pull - note that the spools are cut in half

I cut one and measured it up against the butchered wash stand.  The holes are much too big, so I'll most likely have to use washers around the screws to make sure they don't pull through.

I had collected up some of my beads which I like, but have no real purpose - they're in the shape of spools.  These are the mid sized ones.  I envision them cut in half, and that will be the ends of the handle holding up the twig.

Bead and spool door handleBead and spool door handle, in process

Although green doesn't really fit with the rest of my decor, the amount of green things that will be in the mosaic part dictates that there will be other green bits too, so I gave the twigs and the spools a coat of green craft paint.

The next stage is to cut the spools in half.  Then predrill the holes in the right spot in the twigs, and install them onto the drawers of the wash stand.  The little door is a single larger spool.

Spool and Bead Door HandleSpool and Bead Door Handle, completed

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