Bed Frame Gates

Recycled and Repurposed Junk Garden Creations

Sometimes you just need to fence off your haha, or have a place that's just crying out for a quick gate. 

Make Bed Frame Gates out of old, or even not so old metal beds.

Rustic Bed Frame Gates

I always pick up the old Victorian style painted beds from junk yards, or grab the 1950's style brown painted ones at the recycle center. 

Sometimes I even pick up more modern ones, those that are shaped like a modified wagon wheel with spokes radiated outwards.  If the paint is not in a color I like, they go onto the bonfire for a while to burn it off.

Generally, they have casters or small wheels on the bottom of the legs, which simply pull out and then the end of the leg will fit over a pipe pounded into the ground.

Lots of potential for rustic gates here...

Sometimes, it's hard to figure out how to make them hang and swing. 

I use wire for this or even some kind of fabric like fire hose, rubber roofing or other flexible material. 

You can just make one wrap around one of the posts, and staple or nail it onto a wooden post.

See more about this Rustic Twig Gate and how I made it here;

Twigs are the perfect accessory for rustic metal bits. 

This one is just part of a ratty old Futon, salvaged for the parts.  Wiring on tall and twisty twigs makes it high enough to keep the deer out of the garden.

Boot Hill - the Junk Garden for Cactus

Although not quite finished, the gate is in place.  Do you recognize it?  These type of bedframes were popular in the 1940's, and usually had a painted panel in either metal or hardboard.  This one is metal.

The tricky hinge system that I've developed...The pipe (labeled 2 in the picture) is pounded into the ground so only a bit of it shows. The leg of the bedframe (labeled 1) is set over the pipe to make a hinge. Simple!
Sleek and sophisticated, and oh, so simple!The leg of the bedframe fits over the pipe snugly, but with ample room to swing.

I have other gates in the garden that are made from bed frames; many of them stop access to the haha (a steep embankment) and in the winter are opened so we can shovel snow over.

Bed Frame Gate near the haha

This one is a single sized bed, the head part, which is higher. 

The legs have the wheels removed, then placed inside a pipe that is driven into the ground.  It can be swung open to allow access, or to push snow over the bank.

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