Camouflage Painted Bird Houses

Rustic and well hidden

I've had a couple of giant bird houses around for ages, and never got around to hanging them for birds to live in. 

One looks like an owl house, and the other one would be good for a pair of hawks.  I grabbed them both from the recycle center, and they look very hand made.


They are both made from plywood; one has two opening sides so that you can clean it out, and the other one has a roof that is hinged for the same purpose.

It's important to have a way of cleaning out the old nest, along with the accumulated bugs, detritus, and possible infections to keep the next brood safe. 

There are lots of things that will affect young birds, don't let the nest they're raised in be one of them.

Some people actually install a camera to pry on their private lives - I don't go this far.

Starting with these plywood nesting boxes...

I cleaned out the cobwebs, mouse nest and swept out the interior, and gave the outside a quick brush to remove flaking paint. 

Although most experts recommend using no paint or finish at all on bird houses, it does keep them from rotting away so quickly.

...and adding some acrylic craft paint...

 I usually try and use some kind of acrylic or latex paint, which is less toxic to baby creatures.

Here's the first layer of branches...

The layers of paint will eventually cover the whole nesting box - it's important to let each layer dry in between or it will just smear.  Be patient!

Patiently, layer after layer of craft paints add more and more depth...

More layers, that's the secret;

And then it's time to install it.  I highly doubt if any bird will nest here, but it's fun to look at it.  Maybe there is a fake owl in my collection that can peer out to make it more realistic.

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