Dwarf Mountain Lover

by Melanie
(Nelson, B.C.)

Paxistima myrsinites

Paxistima myrsinites

I make bouquets from my garden of all the flowers that are blooming on the day. This is close to the end of June, and a later start to summer than usual, due to the cold rainy spring we've had.

This is actually a good thing, as the flowers seem to wait until suitable weather to start opening. This year they seem particularly robust, with long lush stems and leaves. My favorite flowers are those with scent - Daphne cneorum, Syringa, the common lilac, and the graceful Iris.

Here's my bouquet for today, accented with a pretty dark red Aquilegia; some Geranium - the Mourning Bride; Centranthus ruber; Heuchera sanguineum; Sedum kamschaticum; Euphorbia polychroma and the best of all greens to provide a foil, Paxistima myrsinites, the Dwarf Mountain Lover.

The little coarse dark green leaves are similar to Buxus, the common box, giving rise to one of it's common names of Oregon Boxwood. Some of the other funny names are Rat Stripper and Cliff Green. Whatever you call it, it has a permanent place in my bouquets, and many other florists depend on it too.

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