Hillbilly Clipart

You know you're a hillbilly...

From Lil Abner bringing us the antics of the characters in the comic, to the rustic hillbilly outhouses and shacks in this hillbilly clipart, we’ve been fascinated with all things to do with country people and the out of the way places they live.

Hillbilly Clipart

Learning new skills that the hill people used routinely in their everyday lives and appreciating the nature around them, hillbilly clip art helps to evoke the country life of the unique characters.

Raised without much contact with the outside world, their insular lives were built around neighbors, surviving on what vegetables they could raise and wild animals they hunted or trapped.

Domesticated animals like chickens and pigs provided meat and other products.

The hill dwellers traded eggs from their chickens, handmade patchwork quilts and many other crafts, like baskets and musical instruments for what they couldn’t grow or make themselves.

These rustic hillbilly outhouses pay homage to the lifestyle and the ability to make something functional and beautiful from scraps, salvage and found items;

The mountain people excelled in carving, making musical instruments such as the Appalacian dulcimer and banjo, weaving on primitive looms, spinning wool into fine yarn for knitting and many other crafts.

With such a concentration of handicrafts and music, which was also a big part of their lifestyle, hillbillies were talented at getting their amusement from simple things.

Here’s where we pay tribute to the hillbilly lifestyle, with some great hillbilly outhouses, just the thing to make your world.

Right click on the image, choose 'Save As' and save the picture to your hard drive:

Hillbilly Clipart - outhouse

These images are all free to copy for your own use; please respect the copy right of the artist, and use them only in your own art; not for resale.

Use the images for a border, like this mockup below:

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