How to Make a Mini Twig Trellis

Wiring and Twigging Techniques

Getting outside and collecting twigs for a project is a good way to get fresh air, while you're waiting for spring to arrive or early in the morning in the summer.  This mini twig trellis is a good refresher for some wiring techniques.


The twigs you can choose for this project can range from thick to thin, rugged to smooth. 

If you have a good selection, go with five or so longer ones that are about 20 inches (60 cm) long, and several shorter ones for the cross pieces.  For a trellis that is even smaller, use only three uprights.

Rustic and twisty ones with lots of smaller branches like these apricot twigs are my preference for this project, you may want smoother apple or willow twigs.

I lay them out on a flat surface while I work.

Watch the video for more details;

Figure out the finished size, remember to leave two of the upright pieces longer so you can put them in the soil of your container or planter so it can stand up.

The cross pieces are naturally shorter than the uprights, and you can leave some side twigs on them.  These will be incorporated into the design, your choice.

Tie wire cut into five or six inch lengths are used to attach the pieces together - first they're all loosely twisted, then I go back with the pliers and tighten them up, and of course, put pigtails on the ends of the wire.

When the wiring is finished, there's only one thing left to do; decide on a plant to grow on it, and a planter to put it in. 

I like these trellises in a wooden box type planter, where you can attach it to the side so it's more stable.

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