Hypertufa Sphere Issue

by Judy
(Woodward, OK)

I would like help making 'tufa sphere.I am using 10" ball. The mix is consistency of toothpaste but keeps slipping off the underside of the ball. I have it resting on an old flowerpot to work all the way around it. The problem is that it will only stay on the top half. Hardware cloth isn't pliable to lay smoothly on the ball, it just springs up when I try to wrap it. How do I get the mix to stick on the underside of the ball? would like to keep a small hole to plant in later. thanks!

Hi Judy, I had this issue too, but the way around it is to make the sphere in sections, gradually rolling it around and adding the mix to the top as you go. Letting it dry a bit in between (like several hours) just to let it set up will allow you to move it a quarter roll at a time. Once it's completely covered all the way around, you can give it one final coat to finish.

Other options: use chicken wire to make an armature to give you a form to follow.

Use glass light fixture globes to attach the hypertufa to.

Smear glue (Elmers white glue, or carpenters glue) onto the surface to give the hypertufa somewhere to stick.

Hope these ideas get you over the hump with your learning curve!

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Sep 19, 2012
hypertufa sphere
by: Anonymous

You need to do it in sections. Gravity will make the mix fall from the lower portion of the ball. Try using drywall mesh tape (readily available in hardware section)to get the mix to stick. Put a little mix down, press the tape on and press more mix on. It should take two or three sessions to get the whole ball covered. Keep the ball covered and moist between sessions and use some acrylic admixture when adding wet mix to dry.

Sep 27, 2012
hypertufa balls
by: mosaic mob

Don't use dry wall tape for an outside project, use fiberglass tape. Make the ball in 2 halves and then use thin set mortar to glue them together after they have cured. Use a putty knife or file to make your ball round/smooth the next day.

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