Knitted Rag Rug

A Step Up from Braiding

I've had fun with this project; it adds color and texture to your home, and you can use all colors to match, or not, depending on what you prefer. 

I always go back to my favorite knitting stitch, seed stitch, which is actually identical to knitting a rib, but instead of casting on an even number of stitches, you cast on an odd number.

Knitted Rag Rug - country style rustic decor

This makes a great textured fabric, and as an added bonus, it's reversible.  For a rug, that's a good thing.

Learning a quick and easy method of cutting t-shirts into strips has made all the difference in getting this project under way.

This rug is knitted in wide strips and sewn together.  The needles are size 15 mm, and the strips are cut about 1/2 to 3/4 inch (15 mm) wide.

Cast on an odd number of stitches; in this case, 15 (seeing a common theme here?) and knit one, purl one all the way.  When you get to the next row, continue to start each new row with a knit stitch.  Then the texture will be totally reversible. 

See more about knitting moss or seed stitch here.

The length of each piece should be about the same number of rows, but with cutting the strips in this way you need to let go of perfection; they will all be slightly variable.

Crunchy textured knitting in vibrant shades

I knitted three lengths which are about 8-10 inches, or 20 cm across, and approximately four feet long - your measurements may vary, depending on the space your rug will fill.

The long knitted pieces are sewn together with yarn and a tapestry needle...

Sewing the knitted lengths is a bit time consuming.  I used a big tapestry needle and some yarn. 

I tried using a strip of the t-shirt but it was hard to pull it through the loops and I was concerned that it wouldn't be strong enough because of the seams. 

Using yarn is a good option, and you can't see it anyway.

Someone has found that the rug is quite nice to sleep on...

To finish the rug completely, you can add a fringe too.  I've just used lengths of the t-shirt strips, folded and looped through the ends of the knitting.

Display your rug in a place of honor - care consists of shaking it outside to get grit and dust off it occasionally and you can wash it in a large commercial washing machine if it gets really soiled. 

I wouldn't put it into a dryer, but it will be fine hung over a railing to dry on a warm day.  With the thickness of the knitting, it may take several days to dry completely.

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