Latex Molds for Hypertufa

Diy Concrete Garden Crafts

There are lots of everyday items to use for molds when you make hypertufa garden crafts.  These face molds take your garden art to the next level.

Latex Molds for Hypertufa

I took the plunge and ordered four different latex craft molds from a company in the UK. 

This is a whole new avenue for me; I'm so cheap that I rarely buy anything for my garden art.

The molds took a month to get here from the UK, but I wasn't ready for them yet anyway. 

Generally, I don't get into my studio until the weather is settled and warm.

The four faces of hypertufa...

It was an exciting day when they arrived in the mail.

I was eager to get started with making some funny faces, and display them in my garden (or sell them to other collectors of funky garden art).

I made up some hypertufa mix from my usual recipe, and molded the faces - however, I was disappointed in the results once the molds were removed. 

Results of this test with my usual hypertufa mix are disappointing...

The mix was a bit high in perlite, so taking the mold off also damaged the nose and any other parts that were sticking out.  Try again!

Third try;

Hypertufa face planted with Sedum and Sempervivum

Mike decided to help make some of these, and took off with the idea of creating a planting hole in the top of the head using a small pot. 

I've planted some Sedum and Sempervivum in these to make it look like hair.  What do you think?

After a winter trial, I discovered the hypertufa around the little pots is cracking.  The solution?  Make some more, but use a piece of newspaper and a drainage hole, to get rid of any excess water before the freezing weather arrives.

 I guess could add them to the hypertufa duds page.

I've been asked several times where I got these molds, and luckily, I just found the receipt for them, tucked away in an email folder.  The name of the company is Latex Craft Moulds.  They are in the UK, and all prices are in British Pounds.

Update; as these molds are natural latex, they need specific care. When my greenhouse collapsed the molds were left unattended and went, well, moldy. 

Also, if you use a mold release, use a powder release, not an oil as this weakens the latex. Lessons learned!

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