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Mandala Coloring Book

Buy your own adult coloring pages here

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Joyce, my Mum, produced these great mandalas as therapy when she had to live in town for a few years.  They are all different, all unique.

Mandala Coloring Book

Here's your chance to buy your own copies of these fabulous hand made pages, each page something you'll treasure, color with felt pens or crayons, and display with pride.

Each book consists of ten pages, ready for you to take and make them your very own. 

Adult coloring pages are rightly popular, giving a huge sense of satisfaction, both in the actual coloring, and in the final result.  Two people taking the exact same image will produce something completely different.  That's the beauty of these mandalas!

Right now, these are only available in Canada. They are actual printed pages, mailed to you.  If you prefer a digital copy, please put your email address in the address field when you order.