Rustic Garden Signs Gallery

An Eclectic Assemblage of Fun and Whimsical Signs

One of the first things your visitor will need are directions to important garden features; whether they're whimsical or functional, fun or witty, they can point the way to focal points, interesting view points or just make a statement.

What's your direction?

Painting your own rustic garden signs is one way to take all the funny, humorous and punny quotes that are all over the internet and in other gardens and make your own customized signs.

It's not that difficult; follow the guidelines on the rustic garden signs page for more details on making your very own unique and fun garden accessories.  The more whimsical, the better.

Boot Hill Signs - directions to heavenly destinationsSigns from heaven - Blue signs that have a theme of heavenly destinations on the Boot Hill Junk Garden
Shaped with a Jigsaw, the clouds are directional too...Carefully cut into cloud shapes and painted along the same theme, these are additional ways to direct attention...
Semper SolaireIt's always sunny here...Semper Solaire is giving directions to the building site...
Welcome to my's the best place to be...
How thyme flies..How Thyme Flies...when you're having fun...and there's lots of that around here!
Destination; Boot Hill...Boot Hill is exactly that - a funny take on the old west, with a common name for cemeteries, and the boots attached to the sign post emphasize it...
The finished sign post pointing the way...Between the heavenly blue color, and the cloud shaped signs, you know where you're headed...
Rustic Garden Signs are everywhere...Assorted finished signs
Barnboard Address Sign...Address sign custom painted on a piece of board; twigs and grasses make a country theme...
Thyme is of the Essence...Thyme is of the Essence ...and there's no thyme to waste...

'Til Next Thyme...Til Next Thyme... Leaving the garden, this is the last sign...

Still wanting more?

Here are some more ideas of rustic garden signs - your imagination is the only limit on how to make your garden more fun and whimsical.  All it takes is a piece of lumber or barnboard, some cheap acrylic paints, and you're off to the races.

Which will inspire you the most to get some sign painting happening in your garden?

And check out my Pinterest board for more ideas and inspiration;

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