Rustic Garden Structures

Ideas & Inspiration for your next Rustic Project

Rustic garden structures can be as simple as a twig gazebo, and as complex as a rustic garden shed for potting, reading or guest accommodation. If you can imagine it, you can build it.

Rustic Garden Structures

Building your rustic garden structure to match the picture in your mind will give your garden a unique appeal and ambiance.

Using found and rustic twigs, salvaged wood, metal and glass will provide a completely distinctive look to your special place.

Windows rescued from a freecycle ad or thrift store, lumber saved from the landfill and rusty metal accessories are all you need to build a fantastic rustic retreat or greenhouse.

Simple flooring such as soil cement or earth plaster, concrete pavers or old bricks set the mood. You can even learn how to make your very own soil cement patio blocks for some real country charm.

My first Rustic Garden Structure - the Circle of Thyme Chapel of St. Francis of AssissiCan you see this as a photo backdrop for a rustic wedding?

Old time trimmings such as glass oil lamps, brass candle holders, twig coat hooks and rustic wooden boxes to hold precious found objects for your rustic art and crafts, and maybe an old rustic chair or two for seating will delight your visitors.

Rustic and twiggy, the gazebo at Tatla Springs makes a long winter bearable...Rustic and twiggy, the gazebo at Tatla Springs makes a long winter bearable...

Hung with wind chimes and bird feeders, the twiggy gazebo covered in a tracery of snow is magical.

The enchantment only deepens as the romantic atmosphere of rustic garden signs, a driftwood dining table and seed pod crafts becomes evident. 

Imagine settling down to read some of the gardening books on the rustic barnboard shelf, or pulling a favorite quilt out of the old chest and lighting tin can lanterns to keep the bugs away.

When the original gazebo collapsed after several years of heavy snow and other weather events, Wood Henge replaced it.  Built in the same place, the rampant Clematis cover it.

Wood Henge at Tatla SpringsWood Henge at Tatla Springs

Your rustic garden structures will give you an outdoor space with supreme comfort to pursue your hobbies, craft making and relaxation.

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