Rustic Twig Hardware

Make your own charming drawer pulls and handles

I get asked how I make the fun little drawer pulls for my upcycled furniture.  These add such a charming and fun touch to a project.

DIY your own Rustic Twig Hardware

Making your own is simple, with a few tools, and a supply of dry roots or twigs. 

These handles are made of a wiggly root, which I collected while wildcrafting - I knew that one day, I'd find a use for them.

Your other supplies are a bit of tie wire, a pair of needle nosed pliers to pull the wire through the holes, and a drill with a wood drill to drill extra holes if needed. 

I also used a coping saw with a fine blade to cut the pieces of root, and some fine grade sandpaper to take off the burrs where it was cut.  See the page on tools for twig craft for more.

Have a look at the pictures for how to do it - click on any one of them to open the gallery.

Twigs, tie wire and needle nosed pliers
Find the approximate middle of the wire, and make a bend for each hole
The second bend
Pinch hard with the pliers to make a good sharp bend
Poke each end of the wire through the holes
Thread the ends back through the same hole
Pull hard with the pliers
Put the twig through the loops
Pull it as tight as you can
Twist the wire ends together with your fingers
Then tighten the twist with the pliers, make a pigtail
If it still isn't tight enough, put a kink in the wire
And you're done
Closer view of the finished twig handle
and all four done...

Hopefully that's clear enough to follow; the nice thing about rustic crafts is that they don't have to be perfect. 

This will annoy some people who are more meticulous, but for those of us who like things a little more spontaneous, these are the perfect accent for a piece of upcycled furniture.

I've made more twiggy handles, a little different than these, using Amelanchier branches, a large wooden bead, and a tiny metal nut to give the right spacing. 

My first try was the white chippy nightstand, where the handle is wired in place. 

Here are the two different ideas; click to open the gallery and see a larger version.

Straight Twig Pieces make good handles
A curved twig makes a great single handle

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