Shed Antlers

by DD
(Christian Valley)

Crooked antler

Crooked antler

The absolute best time in my area (Kootenay Boundary country in British Columbia) to look for 'sheds' or antlers that the deer drop in their annual cycle is the end of March.

The male deer will lose them as they walk around on their treks back and forth to and from the river for water, so checking frequently on the trails that they follow usually will yield a few every couple of days, depending on the size of the herd.

You have to get them before the wild animals find them, as they're prized sources of calcium and other minerals.

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Nov 01, 2012
I'm in need
by: Penny

I live in south Louisiana and I'm looking for help on finding or trading for a few antlers and bones. It's hard living down south and being a lover of mountains and trees, rocks and animals of the north. I like to use bones, small skulls more so than antlers in my craft projects. Any advice or a supplier would be appreciated.

Hi Penny, I sometimes put a few ads in the local area (or even spread a little wider) Craigslist for excellent results. Try that, it might net you a few skulls and antlers for your projects - I would love to see your art work - maybe you`ll share it soon,

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