The Goat Fence

by Eliza Paisley Lisle
(the Holler)

my hillbilly twig fence

my hillbilly twig fence

I had to build a fence yesterday. The goats kept climbing up on the chicken house roof, and scared the bejesus out of the hens.

I took some willer sticks and tried to jam them into the ground, but it was too dried out, so I went into the pigpen and saw a suspiciously familiar looking rag. I pulled it out of the mud next to the water trough, and I realized it was Cletis’s shirt that was lost a couple of months back. It must have blown off the washing line and into the pigpen. The piglets had played with it for a while, it looked like.

I jammed it into the water overflow and the water splashed out and ran into where I wanted to put the fence.

After a while it was easy to push the willer sticks into the muddy ground. I made a real nice fence! I wove the sticks into and amongst each other, and then when I got to the top I wove another long straight one across to hold them in place.

After supper I took Cletis out to look at it, and them dang goats had eaten the fence; and now that I think about it, the shirt was gone too. Note to self; remember that goats will eat ANYTHING!

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