Twig Fan Trellis

A Classic Design, with a Rustic Twist

You've seen the classic design of a fan trellis made out of cedar or other wood, but this twig fan trellis adds a rustic twist to your garden. Take it to the next level with twigs.


Create a rustic plant support for your garden for a unique and unusual way to display your vines and climbing plants.

The more twisty and contorted the twigs, the more rustic and different will be your trellis.

Find some twigs – whether these are prunings from your own garden or orchard, or gleaned from a landscaper or arborist, look for those that are around 3-5cm (2-3") thick, and up to two meters (6') long.

Shorter ones can be useful for the cross pieces, so don’t be too quick to discard those that are thick enough, even if they're short.

Assembling the pieces for the twig fan trellis

Assembling the twigs for your trellis

Lay the longer ones on the ground and get an idea of how they will fit together. I aim for an arched look, with the classic fanned out shape. You’ll see these made from cedar lath quite often, but I prefer a more rustic appearance.

Here, the twigs I’m using are Robinia, or locust salvaged from a tree removal job. The zig zag appearance and the dark colour of the bark are very attractive.

Wiring the twigs together

Wiring the pieces together

Wire the twigs together using the pigtail technique on the wire techniques for crafts page. In most cases, I also nail the two pieces of twig together as well for added strength.

To do this without damaging and splitting the twigs, pre-drill pilot holes with a drill bit that is smaller than the diameter of the nail. I routinely use Ardox or twist nails for their superior holding ability.

Drill the hole in at an angle as this will be stronger still. Make sure the nails don’t come out of the back; file them off if they do to prevent getting snagged on the sharp points.

Twig Fan Trellis, finishedClassically Styled Twig Fan Trellis

Hang the twig fan trellis against a wall, fence or a wire strung between posts for a see through divider - visitors to your garden will love this mysterious and lovely screen.

The two legs can be propped on a rock or brick to hold them off the ground and prevent them rotting.

Plant your favorite vine so it can clamber up the twig fan trellis.

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