Clay Pots in a Basket

More fun junk gardening

Sometimes, you have a pretty and rustic vignette right in front of your nose, and can't see it.


I've been collecting old terracotta clay pots for a few years now, mostly because I love planting them with succulents. 

Even a really big succulent plant that hasn't been watered recently has a hard time toppling over in one of these, because they're heavy enough to counterbalance the top growth.

My collection also includes any kind of wire basket; this is one that must be off a bicycle, and I suddenly had a brainstorm; combine these two thrift store finds into one vignette? 

It's brilliant!

Three of my favorite things, combined into one vignette!

I was too eager to combine these and see what they looked like - so impatient in fact, that I didn't take the paint off in the bonfire like I usually do - I kind of don't mind the black paint with its dull patina.

The plants are Sempervivum and Sedum, which are tough as nails and love to be planted into odd containers; these clay pots are perfect because of their weight, and the fact that the clay is porous. 

Succulents of all kinds like air exchange for their roots.

There is a risk in the fall when the weather gets cool after rainfall - the water in the pots can freeze, killing the plants and breaking the pots, so this will be strictly a summer display. 

In autumn, I'll take the plants out, moving them to a suitable spot in the garden, while the pots will get cleaned, dried and stored under cover to prevent breakage.

Sempervivum and Sedum are happy in terracotta clay pots

Combining two of my favorite thrifty things, then planting them with some fabulous plants is a great way to add some charm and rusticity to your garden; what will you get inspired to try?

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