DIY Clay Pot Garden

Make Your Own Fairy Garden

Most likely, you've got a few terracotta clay pots hidden away gathering dust under the greenhouse bench. Dig them out, and make your own fabulous fairy garden!

DIY Clay Pot Garden

If they're already cracked or broken into shards, so much the better.  That just saves you the step of breaking the pot. As always, use caution when handling broken pots as they're sharp.  Safety comes first.

This method of 'terracing' is perfect to add more dimension to the garden - steps, paths, patios - all sized for fairy feet.

Make your own clay pot fairy garden

There are lots of options if you have a shallow bowl or even a plant saucer. 

These are fine, even if they don't have drainage holes, but don't leave them out in the rain for long.  The roots of many plants can't stand to be waterlogged.

If the 'castle' part is raised up off the surface of the soil this won't be a problem.

Add terraces, paths and patios...

Moss is one of the best plants for carpeting the soil, and making it look just like a grassy area. 

Lightly mist this for best results, especially during dry periods.  Or, let it go dormant until the fall if that works for you.

Place the shards so they leave spaces to plant into

The best soil for a terraced fairy garden is something that has a water holding polymer in it - there is no way to get it wet again once it dries out.

Tuck in tiny hardy Sedum and Sempervivum

If all you have is smaller species of hardy succulents, use those for a great display - with the added advantage of it surviving the winter. 

With all that drainage, these make the ideal plants for something that doesn't hold any moisture.

Be prepared for the plants to take a while to get established, keep them pruned to size so they don't take over, and give them an occasional drink and a splash of liquid fertilizer to keep them looking their best.

Add some tiny fairy garden accessories too.

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