Faux Birds Nest

In a Terracotta Pot

Birds will build their nest anywhere - even in a terracotta pot discarded from the potting bench.  So why not copy that for an ultra cute bit of rustic garden art?


The base of the nest is wire -  you can see the method I use to make them here. I use flexible twigs around a wire frame which is the base.

The wire I use most often for rustic looking crafts is rebar tie wire, but you can use anything that is easy to bend.

This one is a bit bigger than my usual kind, and ends up being about four to five inches across.  Then it's lined with Spanish moss which you can buy at the dollar store, and tucked into the terracotta pot.

Alternately you could use straw or excelsior which is used for packing delicate items to ship them.

A few branches with lichen make it look even more rustic.

Faux Birds Nest in a Terracotta Pot

The eggs in this case, unlike the wooden beads on my usual ones, are complete little wooden eggs. I found these at the dollar store near me, and I'm sure I've seen similar ones at Michaels.

If you want, they could be painted to emulate real birds eggs, but I chose to leave them the basic wood.

I drilled through them (just like making a bead) and they're wired into the nest, holding the Spanish moss in place attached to the wire. If you prefer, use your hot glue gun for the same effect.

I very carefully smashed the cracked pot to make the hole bigger, and then it can be displayed on a shelf or in a corner. Rub the sharp edges with rough sandpaper or even a fine file so they won't hurt you while building this.

Your porch would be a perfect place to show it off.

Tuck it into the eaves for a hidden surprise.

Faux Birds Nest in a Terracotta Pot

The nest was hot glued into the pot to make sure it stayed in place.

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