Fencepost Planter

Recycle those old fence posts into a unique rustic container for garden plants

Many times old fence posts rot from the top; if there is a place for the weather to get in, that’s where it starts.

Fence Post Planter with hardy succulents...

Eventually, there will be a hole or depression in the very top of the post, and then is pretty much game over, out comes the fence post, and a new one is installed.

Some of these old fence posts are cedar, or other long lived wood, so the rest of the post is still sound and unrotted.

Once they’re out of the ground, they’re fair game for me to make into a unique rustic planter. You may also find something similar when salvaging old barnboards or timbers.

view from the top

I use these for making into fencepost planters. Cut at about 30cm (1') from the top.

They are big enough for a few Sedum and Sempervivum, who relish the dry conditions.

These kinds of fencepost planters won’t last long but they pack a lot of impact in the short time before they completely rot away.

Rugged, found items make perfect planters for hardy succulents...

This old fencepost planter still has the marks where the barbed wire was attached, giving it an authenticity that is impossible to fake.

Knots, scars and weathering all add to the patina. In a rustic garden, these unique fencepost planters will be a focal point.

Display them in a grouping with other rustic planters such as driftwood planters, hypertufa containers like pinch pots huddled together or driftwood and interesting rocks collected at the beach.

Burgundy and green fall coloration makes these Sempervivum pop!

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