Garden Faces

Mysterious, funny or appealing

Many gardens are decorated with junk, but there seems to be a common thread; many of us like to have garden faces around us.

Garden Faces

It's company for when we're having a quiet time, they surprise us when we come upon them unexpectedly, and they add humor and fun to areas that need a bit of perking up.

The materials that you can use are almost infinite; classic faces made of marble, reproductions of those in concrete, hand made ones in hypertufa, wood, funky bits of metal welded or wired together, ceramic, stone and on and on. 

Each has their own appeal, and you can choose from an endless variety of styles and forms.

Does your garden have some faces in it?  Here are a few that I've had in mine over the years;

The Green Man is a common motif in garden art, this one is a wind chime...The Green Man is a common motif in garden art

This one is so full of character, and the little wind chime is precious to me as it was a memento of a trip.  I always look for some kind of garden themed souvenir whenever I go on a road trip.

If it's hypertufa, it's fun and humorous...Hypertufa Grots help prevent weeds

Or at least that's the story; I guess the weeds probably just laugh at this little guy!

Galvanized metal sun...A spikey sun cut from galvanized roofing metal

It was then nailed onto a board; the only thing wrong with it was the flaw in the manufacturing process - it pays to look at your crafts with a wider vision; I was too close to this to see it!

More hypertufa - this time a Grumpy Guy - funny how butterflies love this stuff...Butterflies love hypertufa...
Cherubs are such a peaceful addition to a garden...Cherubs have sweet and classic faces...

What are your garden faces like? 

Terracotta pots?

Totem poles?

Death masks hung on a wall?  There are many forms of these motifs for gardens, choosing the right ones can add charm and character to yours.

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