Garden Love

Heart Shaped Crafts and Decor

Love your garden and making some crafty crafts and whimsical garden art?  Here are some hearts for you;

Garden Love

Growing ivy on a topiary frame is a sweet way to add something green.  A heart shaped wire in a terracotta pot is the best ever;

Rustic tin heart shaped candy tins; find out how I made them weathered and rusty here.

Rustic Candy Tin Hearts...

You can often find them around Valentines day, filled with chocolates. 

After the chocolates are gone, don't discard them! I can see them being used as a mold for hypertufa, or to make concrete stepping stones. Add sea glass or pebbles to make a design for even more bling on the walkway.  Set them in a series to create a flower shape. See more about making patio blocks here.

The Mercantile Power Shack is my trial for all kinds of rustic crafts; the painted sign, vintage windows and the twiggy heart shutters.

And more on the building of it on Frill Free.

One side of the willow twig heart shutters...

...and the other side......and the other side...

...and the other side; they match perfectly,
in my view, similar, but unique.

I 'Heart' my greenhouse, where all the rustic crafts are born...The light is great, just right, even on cloudy days, due to the Bob's Superstrong Plastic that covers it.

Decorating with twiggy hearts just never gets old...When they get too weathered, just make another.  These are what is known as 'ephemeral' art .

garden-love-twig-heart600x450.jpgTwiggy Heart

See the world through heart shaped glasses; you'll be seeing hearts in the rocks on a beach, captured by trees in the cat face scars that they bear, or whenever you want a rustic craft and need some inspiration.

One of the most interesting crafts I've seen with hearts are heart shaped rocks wired together to form a cascading curtain.

Now you know what to do with all those precious stones you've been collecting.  Use those less than 8cm across, or it will be too heavy.

Still want more?  Check out the hearts on my Pinterest board;

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