Junk Bird Cages

Salvaged or found accents and accessories for your rustic garden

Junk Bird Cages can hold much more than just a bird; how about a special collection of seashells, driftwood, or even nuts and bolts, or a bird made from old tools wired or bolted together?


They can be planted with succulents, displayed with a salvaged birds nest or two, or to protect special plants from chipmunks or rabbits.

They can be  used as a way to display your eclectic collections, or just to enjoy as is.

There is something really appealing about bird cages, the rustier and more beat up the better. 

Here are a few in my garden;

Designed to hold a pot of ferns or succulents, this bird cage never was meant for a bird...Rusting and rustic, this metal wire bird cage was meant to display ferns or succulents in, never a bird
A real bird cage, meant to hold a finch or canary captive...Pity the poor little canary or finch that had to live in this cage...

I always take t he base out of my bird cages, so they can never again be used to hold a bird captive.

Is your bird cage missing a handle?  Use a wiggly twig!Missing a handle? Use a rustic wiggly twig...

Bits of twisted root, or driftwood collected on the beach, wired in place make a sturdy handle - and add some rusticity.

Bird Cage with a wiggly twig handleBird Cage with a wiggly twig handle

I use my favorite wire, rebar tie wire, to hold the twig handle in place securely.

Rustic Victorian style bird cage with a twist...it's got a passenger, with wings, but it's a cherub...Victorian Style bird cage, with a winged inhabitant - a cherub

Squirrels Foot Ferns cover the base of this Victorian looking bird cage - the tiny cherub perches on the swing.  I call this one 'Going Up' because it reminds me of an old fashioned elevator.

Protecting those delicious Lithops from the mice and chipmunks...Bird cages can keep creatures out, just as well as holding them captive - the Lithops must be very sweet and tasty to the mice and chipmunks and the bird cage protects them from damage

If a bird cage or other cage was used for keeping mice or other small animals in, it stands to reason that they won't be able to get in.

A birdcage with a plastic base...hmm, what can I make with that?A bird cage with a plastic base - what should I use that for?
How about a hypertufa planter?Why not a mold for a hypertufa planter?
Bird Cage Displayed on a Potting BenchBird Cage Displayed on a Potting Bench

Simple rustic displays gathered on a potting bench or shelf make great little vignettes. I had this one in my booth to sell faux birds nests.

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