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Junk Bird Cages

Salvaged or found accents and accessories for your rustic garden

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Junk Bird Cages can hold much more than just a bird; how about a special collection of seashells, driftwood, or even nuts and bolts, or a bird made from old tools wired or bolted together?

Junk Bird Cages come in all shapes and sizes...

They can be planted with succulents, displayed with a salvaged birds nest or two, or to protect special plants from chipmunks or rabbits.

They can be  used as a way to display your eclectic collections, or just to enjoy as is.

There is something really appealing about bird cages, the rustier and more beat up the better. 

Here are a few in my garden;

Designed to hold a pot of ferns or succulents, this bird cage never was meant for a bird...Rusting and rustic, this metal wire bird cage was meant to display ferns or succulents in, never a bird
A real bird cage, meant to hold a finch or canary captive...Pity the poor little canary or finch that had to live in this cage...
Is your bird cage missing a handle?  Use a wiggly twig!Missing a handle? Use a rustic wiggly twig...
Rustic Victorian style bird cage with a's got a passenger, with wings, but it's a cherub...Victorian Style bird cage, with a winged inhabitant - a cherub
Protecting those delicious Lithops from the mice and chipmunks...Bird cages can keep creatures out, just as well as holding them captive - the Lithops must be very sweet and tasty to the mice and chipmunks and the bird cage protects them from damage
A birdcage with a plastic base...hmm, what can I make with that?A bird cage with a plastic base - what should I use that for?
How about a hypertufa planter?Why not a mold for a hypertufa planter?

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