Rustic Country Wedding

Sweet, Simple and Very Special

What could be more romantic than a rustic country wedding?

More and more couples are waiting longer to get married, and more people are on a second, third or even a fourth marriage.


This trend makes it more popular to have a quiet wedding, in a garden perhaps, with close family and friends only, not hundreds of guests invited only to please the parents of the bride and groom.

Choosing to wed your best friend among your dearly beloved and closest few in a rustic and romantic setting is now becoming most fashionable.

Reducing your carbon footprint doesn’t have to mean having a boring wedding.

Your marriage ceremony can be charming and fun, as well as solemn and meaningful, in a country garden.

Rustic Twig Gazebo at Tatla Springs Delightfully Romantic Twig Gazebo for the ceremony, or those memory making photographs

Finding the right venue can be as simple and easy as using your own garden.

If it’s got a rustic twig gazebo or arbour, so much the better. The more rustic backdrops are fabulous for taking candid photographs or professional pictures.Twig furniture makes an ideal prop for romantic pictures of the wedding couple.

Vines and roses are traditional accents, consider them flanking the top of stairs clothed in thyme.

If you're in front of the timeline, build a twig obelisk, or two, so they also can flank the stairs.

Planning any wedding, even a quiet and rustic country wedding, takes a lot of effort – you don’t have the time to spend coddling water guzzling plants - use succulent plants spilling out of unique recycled containers, a thyme lawn or steps, Sedum and Sempervivum tapestry beds and succulent plants in mosaics instead of high maintenance commonly used plants.

Go drought smart, sustainable and xeric for a lush romantic look with minimal fuss for your rustic country wedding, and enjoy your day with less stress.

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