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Rustic Garden Wreath

Natural and found supplies for a country accent

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There's something about wreaths; ever since I discovered rustic country decor, I've made them out of twigs to decorate my door.

Rustic Garden Wreath

Here's one that I made from things I found on my walk this morning; some red Arctostaphylos (usually it's green - otherwise known as Bear Berry or Kinnickinnick), the red Mahonia, or Oregon Grape which looks (and feels!) just like holly, and a few other items from my garden; some sprigs of Paxistima (Cliff Green, Rat Stripper or Dwarf Mountain Lover - take your pick) and a bit of my little struggling Bristlecone Pine.

Normally, I use smooth Red Osier Dogwood or some kind of willow for the base, but I spotted these lovely lichen covered twigs and decided to live on the edge for once.

Other supplies are a bit of wire - I used tie wire here, but you can use whatever you have as long as it's pliable, or even string.

The other things you'll need are a pair of needlenose pliers, and some pruners.

Supplies for a Rustic Garden Wreath...
Lichen covered twigs form the base...
One twig, curved into a rough circle shape...
...then reinforced with a second one...
A length of wire is made into a hanger...
...and attached to hold the twigs together...
Gorgeous red Mahonia and Kinnickinnick gleaned from the roadside...
Along with some Paxistima and Bristlecone Pine fronds from my garden

All combine perfectly - normally with the twigs I use, they are almost hidden by the accent plants; in this case, I wanted the rustic lichen covered twigs to show.

The final result; Rustic?  Oh yeah...

Keep your eyes open for possible candidates for your rustic wreath; almost anything can be used as a base, and then your options are endless; seed pods, pine cones, evergreen sprigs, prunings from a tree or shrub...use your imagination to decorate your house or porch for the season.

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