Rustic Hardware

DIY Country Style Drawer Pulls and Cupboard Handles

Sometimes, especially if like me, you're too broke to be able to spend your precious decorating budget on fancy hardware for recycled or upcycled cabinets and kitchen cupboards. 

Here's where thinking outside the box comes in handy.

I'm also one of those people who never throws anything out.  Fortunately.


Before letting your project come to a grinding halt for lack of hardware to finish it, see if any of these rustic solutions work for you.

There are some ideas on how to recycle old ones, and make new drawer pulls from twigs.  I've even used beads for hardware, either by themselves or combined with twigs.

I made an upcycled sewing machine cabinet last year, which I found at the recycle center; not my style at all, so I rusticated it;

Make your own DIY twig hardware with the tutorial.  Full details!

Make your own DIY Rustic Twig Hardware

DIY Tutorial for making your own Rustic Twig Hardware

I combined a captains bed and a little dining room buffet and figured they needed to be united by more than the curved lines; the copper tubing and wire makes all the difference.

Copper wire is threaded through the existing drilled holes in the drawer, then threaded through the copper pipe, and then twisted together inside the drawer so the join is hidden.

If I did this again, I would add a bead to make it easier to grab the copper pipe.

In out tiny house, we ran out of budget before getting the kitchen finished, so it was decided that we should just refurbish the existing kitchen cabinets from the old 1974 trailer. 

They got a couple of coats of velvet finish interior latex paint in white, and some really unique handles out of the copper strapping used for plumbing.

Copper strappingCopper strapping

Matching the hardware to the door or drawer makes all the difference.  The twigs and branches may be painted on, but the real twig is the final touch. See the painted door project in all its glory.

The Eclectic Eggporeum shows off some salvaged brass plated hardware.  Using some of the parts and not the lock and inner workings makes it easier to install them.

Vintage spoons or other dinnerware make very appealing hardwareVintage spoons don't have to be matching to use for hardware

One of the upcycled armoire projects gets locked up with a vintage window latch.

Sometimes all you need is necessity; after all, it is the mother of invention. 

When all else fails, look through your shed for some salvage to make into some unique and fun rustic hardware.

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