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The Eggporeum started out life as a funky chicken house; since then, it's evolved into an eclectic collection of bird-o-bilia; everything that looks like birds would build, live in or use is assembled here.

Eclectic Eggporeum

From rusty bird cages, to found or diy birds nests, to tools that you might see near a chicken house, all bird themed junk in my garden seems to gravitate to this funky little rustic shed.

My collection of bird cages, both real and those that are actually decorative planters for hanging in a corner of your living room are here.

If it could hold a bird, or did at one time or just looks like a bird, this is the place. 

The cage doors are always open, though; I hate the thought of caging a bird...

Vintage, bird themed junk gravitates to the Eclectic Eggporeum...The Eclectic Eggporeum started life as a funky little earth sheltered chicken house, and has now evolved into a museum of sorts; everything bird themed gravitates here...

There are more detailed pictures of everything bird-o-bilia below (that's my made up name for the collection) - now that the chickens no longer use it for a home, it's got a new life as a major attraction in my garden. 

I've even used it as the basis for the Carsen Andrew Memorial Garden using the design tips in the book by John Brookes.

Bird cages, chicken house furniture and tools; what else would I put here?Eclectic grouping of all the bird cages I could collect.
The broody hen box - yes, this was used for the hen to have a quiet place to hide while hatching eggs...Yes, it was indeed used for the hen to hatch out chicks; a safe little cage where none of the other hens can scramble around in there, disturbing the carefully arranged incubating eggs.
Wiggly twig handle embellishes this great bird cage...Bird cages missing handles? Make a twig one as a replacement - other fun little accents are the 'stars' which are escutcheons for decorating around a door handle - from the 1970's.
The finches have all flown from the bamboo bird cageBamboo bird cages like this one are commonly used to keep finches in; I can't bear the idea of keeping a wild bird caged, so the doors are always kept open...
A collected birds nest that fell off it's perch is securely held in the black metal cageSalvaged Birds Nests - A safe and secure place to keep the found birds nest; it's against the law to remove migratory birds nests from trees, but if they fall, they're fair game.
Woven with pest repellent Artimesia, this nest withstood the ravages of three broods before it fell...Intriguing Construction - This nest raised three broods of robins over a span of two years; it's done it's duty now, and will have a place of honor in the display.
The eclectic collection on the porchThe lovely Blue Fox blue door, with the appropriate 'angels wings' to decorate the top of it.
This handsome fellow is missing his beak...Vintage? Maybe not, but this rooster is always on guard...
...but he still guards the terracotta hens with their hens and chicks....and these two hens require close watching - with their planting of Hens and Chicks.
Bird cages, chicken house furniture and tools; what else would I put here?Eclectic grouping of all the bird cages I could collect.

I'm always on the lookout for more bird themed junk to add to the collection; whether it's bird cages, home made diy birds nests, poultry planters or anything else that fits into the concept it will be proudly displayed in and around the Eggporeum.

See more about the construction of the Eggporeum on Frill Free, and the modular green roof on Drought Smart Plants.

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