Rustic Stars

DIY Christmas Ornament

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Every year, my friend Stephanie orders sixty ornaments to give as an appreciation gift for her clients.  What a nice idea!

Rustic Stars

Last year, I made sixty little reindeer, out of a wine cork, some bits of wire, and several beads.  This year, she suggested stars, so I started trying some different ideas, either using snowflakes as the basic motif, or stars. 

The snowflakes were very cute, but entailed winding wire around a jig to get the effect.  They are not something I wanted to make sixty of!

The first step in making Rustic Stars, lots of bends in a length of wire

So I regressed back to my childhood, to the simple design of a star made from a single line. 

The wire is the line, bent into the shape.  That's doable!  I can picture a row of these hung on a string over the mantel, or even attached to a present, or hung on the tree. Or several different sizes strung together as a garland, or sprinkled on a wreath to give a rustic wreath some more bling.

You can use any kind of wire for these, as long as it's bendable and not springy.  It has to hold its shape. 

My favorite kind of wire, for the ease in using it, and its flexibility, is tie wire. Usually this is used to tie rebar, but I've found it to be just the thing for all kinds of rustic crafts.

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Rustic Star, finished

I'm sure Stephanie's clients will be happy to receive this little token of appreciation that's hand made and rustic.

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