Wire Snowflake Jig

To Make A Simple Christmas Ornament

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There is nothing like a snowflake for getting into the Christmas spirit - even if you don't have real ones, you can make some for some rustic decor.

Wire Snowflake Jig

The jig I designed for this project is a piece of scrap lumber, with holes predrilled, then the nails won't split it.  In future, I might use plywood, where this wouldn't be a problem and it would be sturdier.

Wire Jig for wiring snowflakes

The wire can be soft copper wire, salvaged from a demolition project,  or tie wire (shown here).  In the end, I decided it's a lot of work for what I was attempting, and I went with a simpler method to make stars instead.  I would make these if I wasn't committed to making sixty of them!

Use some kind of heavy metal object to press the wire curves together

The forks in the top picture are an essential tool; you need them to pry off the wire from the jig.  The metal gear is used for pressing the wire flat - any heavy metal object will do, as long as it's got a flat side.

These would be very interesting used as a motif set into a window frame, or used as a sun catcher.  You could make them bigger for that.

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Wire Jig Diagram for Snowflakes

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