Twig Wreath

Country Accent using Natural Materials

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Twig wreath making is an easy country craft; they are simple to make, but so effective in adding a primitive accent to a porch or your home.


Wreaths are not just a Christmas or winter time seasonal decoration, they can be used all year. 

I make several different kinds of twig wreaths; some start with a simple loop of wire, like a coat hanger bent into a circle, with bunches of small twigs wired to it. 

Other twig wreath designs begin with a long sapling (usually willow) bent into a circle and wired, or just twisted to create a circular form. The tension of winding the stems around themselves makes them stay together.

The flexible rods of many different twigs are right in your garden or neighborhood.

Then more slender twigs are wrapped around it to make a unique wreath for a door or porch decoration.

It's important to retain the character of the rustic twigs; stop before it's too perfect and looks machine made. 

The handmade character of these kinds of rustic and twiggy things is their most important attribute.

I routinely give these kinds of wreaths a facelift - with the addition of other items that you find in the garden or from nature, you can change the whole appearance of it. 

You can use nuts of all descriptions, from acorns to walnuts - simply drill a tiny hole in them, glue a short length of wire into the hole, and gently wire those in bunches onto the wreath.

Or, in the fall, sprigs of rose hips turning color add a whole other look. 

Some years, there are 'willow roses' which form when tiny wasps lay their eggs in the stems of willows.  The leaves around the hole are deformed into fantastical rose like growths.

Let them dry, then add those to your twig wreath, or use dried flowers or grasses for a different texture. A glue gun is perfect for attaching light weight items like these.

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