Junk Garden Sheds

From primitive and rustic to classic and pretty

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Every garden needs a place to store tools and plant pots, start a few seeds, or have a quiet place to sit and dream; make yours a Junk Garden Shed;

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It can be funky and rustic, with lots of salvaged stuff decorating it in a whimsical pattern or just in a random assortment of precious finds.

Your style might be a flowery bower, with trellises on the outside, frills and furbelows and lots of gingerbread trim.

It might be a log shed, made out of poles cut right on your property, or salvaged from the pruning crew.

Whatever the theme, make it an outstanding display area, with creative vignettes and humorous signs, planters made of old junk and above all, make it completely and totally yours.  Let your creativity guide you...

And here are some more ideas that I discovered; click on one of the pictures to open the gallery and see bigger versions.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing this eclectic mix of funky, rustic, old fashioned and just plain out there little sheds; well, what are you waiting for?  Get yours going now (or share it with us!)

Junk Gardening

Rustic Garden Sheds

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