Rustic Garden Angel

Rusty Salvage comes together in a heavenly body...

You may be like me, hoarder of all things rusty; I'll use that one day, you promise your spouse.

Rustic Garden Angel

Here's a fun way of using your stash of rusty junk that you've got hidden away - you won't want to hide this Rustic Garden Angel!

Gather your supplies; a couple of wire sock stretchers, two little metal castors off an old bed frame, wire fence staples, some little spoons, wire and a piece of weathered wood start off this project. 

Don't be afraid to think outside the box; the sock stretchers make perfect wings, but you can use almost anything; rusty saw blades, a shutter, piece of driftwood; use your imagination...

an eclectic collection of scrapsAn old board, some wire, staples and a few other odd bits are where this project started...

Leave the board rough, or sand the edges. Giggle juice optional for a rustic stain, or paint to give it either a red barn look, or white shabby chic.

Attaching the 'wings' with staples...Attaching the 'wings' (two sock stretchers) with staples...

The staples I used were the smaller sized fencing staples, to attach the 'wings' to the back of the board.  Just make sure not to go through to the front.

halo made from a rusty coffee can lidThe rim off a coffee can is the halo; it only needs one small nail to hold it in place...

The wings are in place, now to attach the halo, which is the rim from a rusty coffee tin.

The feet of the angel are rusty casters from a bed frameMade out of old metal castors from a metal bed frame, the feet hang at the perfect angle. This angel needs to get around fast!

Old bed frame casters, thoroughly aged, and rusted solid so they don't move.

Button Flowers, clasped in the spoon hands are the final touch...Button Flowers, clasped in the spoon hands are the final touch...

Flowers made from button, with wire stems.

Rustic Garden Angel watching over your garden...Rustic Garden Angel - rusty salvage all comes together in a heavenly body

Don't be intimidated by this project; you can't go wrong, and every mistake is just an opportunity to come up with innovative ways to do it differently next time. 

In my collection of craft supplies, I find things to make into angels for my garden. 

They range from spindles and spools, to random pieces of scrap lumber - the more weathered, the better!

Garden crafts made with junk are all unique and completely your own, making your garden stand out from the crowd.

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